vdVeen Genealogy

Family pictures

A number of family photographs from the early 20th century. Names in the caption always seen from left to right.

1. Egbert Geerts van der Veen

Foto 1. Egbert Geerts van der Veen en Jantje Nammensma
Foto 2. Dochters Aafke en Anna Petronella
Foto 3. Egbert Geerts van der Veen, Jantje Nammensma, Anna Petronella en Aafke
Foto 4. Jantje Nammensma, Egbert Geerts van der Veen, en Aafke.

2. Rinze Melles van der Wal

Foto 5. Rinze Melles van der Wal en Trijntje Linzes de Jong. The photo was taken on their 60th wedding anniversary in 1916.
Foto 6. Tjitske Rinzes van der Wal, her daughter Lutske Bruinsma, Tjitske Folles, daughter of Lutske, with mother, grandmother and greatgrandmother Trijntje Linzes de Jong. This photo from 1926 was at the time printed in Hepkema's Courant under the title 'four generations'.

3. Jan Johannes Kamstra

Foto 7. Syds, Jan Johannes Kamstra, Johannes, Trijntje Stienstra en Grietje. Possibly taken in 1905, when they were married for 15 years.

4. Daniel Rinderds van der Meulen

Foto 8. Lykele, Antje (behind him), Petrus (upfront), Sijke Jans Bosma, Jan, Daniel Rinderds van der Meulen, Hendrikje, Wytske, Trijntje en Rindert. Photo from around 1900.

5. Jan Petrus Bosma

Foto 9. Jan Petrus Bosma en Trijntje Daniels van der Meulen with 3 of their grandchildren; Antje Veeninga, Hendrikje en Petrus van der Meulen. Photo from around 1900.

vdVeen Genealogy